About Us



Hello! My name is Aisha Mahmood Maniya, from Karachi, Pakistan. I am working as a freelancer for a while and have three years of experience as a computer teacher. I am also working in software houses.

My main aim is to provide as many reliable services within reasonable rates, according to Clients requirements with satisfactory results.

What We Do

All our work is mostly related to these three fields


Purpose of designing the website is to explore my web and graphics skills and to get experience designing website which is based on multimedia graphics and its used to give animation & knowledge to the viewers of how can a good website can be designed by using only graphics tools and animations. Hachure color combinations & images are being used in the designing of the website.

Our Working Process

How We Work For Our Customers.
  • 1
    Plan and Design

    Contact SEO Experts to discuss your plan for growing your business to the Next Level

  • 2
    Create Content

    Make your business design, Content, and Campaigns for Implementation

  • 3

    Planned campaigns are executed for crossing expected reach

  • 4
    Analyze and Report

    Check Campaign results and carefully monitored conversions

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